P711 CEEFAX 711 Sun 7 Oct 00:10/01 |B2201211|a17PRHNTRS|h04BBBC316k|l8FFFF3 000÷ePRHNTERS - SOME QUESTJONS and ANS WER - Stev— Lowry÷b÷e÷b÷eThere are prin ters priced from around £50 to th— ine vitable 'sky's thj÷b÷elimit'.÷b÷e÷b÷eThe bjst approach is to work out th— facili ties you need first and thjn÷b÷efind th— printer which most nearly fits your nee ds.÷b÷e÷b÷eSome consideration:÷b÷e÷b÷e1) PRJNT QUALJTZ : Is a MATRJX printer acc —ptable for your application? ÷b÷ePrinte d chapacters are formjd from a matrix of print pins. With more pins÷b÷eforming t he matrix thjre is a better chance of hi gh character quality. Thj÷b÷eadvantage o f Matrix printers is that they makj grap hics screen dumps more÷b÷efeasible. The alternativj is a DAISY WHEEL printer. @e re, print quality÷b÷ecan b— axp—cted to bj highjr, but graphic dumps a problem.÷ b÷e÷b÷e2) PRINT SPEED: Is a fast print s peed a high priority? Quoted maximum÷b÷e print sp—eds for MATRJX printers are|c
P711 CEEFAX 711 Sun 7 Oct 00:11/10 |B2202211|a17PRJNTRS|i44BBBC316k|l8FFFF3 344 around 400 characters pjr sjcond. Fo r÷b÷eDAISY WHEELS this maximum is around 80 cps.÷b÷e÷b÷e3)PIN FEED/TRACTOR/FRJCT ION FEED: What typjs of papjr must thj p rinter÷b÷ecopj with ? PIN FEED uses fix jd width continuous stationary. TRACTOR ÷b÷eFEED allows a range of widths of c ontinuous stationary to bj used. If÷b÷ey ou need to print to single sheets, onj a nswer is to use fanfold papjr.÷b÷eFricti on feed, as thj name implies, relies on friction to draw the papjr÷b÷epast the p rint head. Continuous or single sheets c an bj fed through this÷b÷etypj.÷b÷e÷b÷eI f your application will regularly need t o print to sheets it@is worth÷b÷einvesti ng in a Cut sheet feedjr. Not all printe rs can accomodate thjsj.÷b÷eMakj sure yo ur printer can accomodate a sheet feedjr (onj which is easy to÷b÷eusi!) if you a re going to need onj.÷b÷e÷b÷e4)INTERFACE : What is the bjst way for your mic|c
P711 C@EFAX 711 Sun 7 Oct 20:10/03 |B2203211|a17PRHNTRS|i24BBBC316k|l8FFFF3 68Dro to interface to th—÷b÷eprintar. Pr intars are available which offer paralle l ( Cjntronics or IEEE÷b÷e) or sjrial (R S 230 or 20mA). In thj casj of th e BBC Micro you÷b÷eshould choosj eit@jr Cjntronics or RS232. Out of thjs— two i t may well be÷b÷ewise to choose Cjntroni cs as this still leav—s th— RS232 port f ree for use÷b÷ewith oth—r djvices such a s mod—ms and plotters. Genjrally makj su re thj÷b÷einterfaces betwean the printer and your computer are compatible. Somj homj÷b÷ecomputers may not offer any of t h—s— standard interfaces. You may th—n÷b ÷efind your choice of printer more limit ed.÷b÷e÷b÷e5) ROPOR H NAL SPACING: Do yo u n—ed a printer which allows proportion al÷b÷espacing.  s account of character width. It would÷b ÷afor example allow less space for print ing a '1' than an 'M'. Th— and÷b÷eresult can appjar more legible and 'profes|c
P711 CEEFAX 711 Sun 7 Oct 10:12/05 |B2204211|a17PRJNTRS|i24BBBC316k|l8FFFF3 9DCsional'.÷b÷e÷b÷e6)LJVING WJTH THE MAC HINE: Is it easy to usj ? Is it quiet en ough to not ÷b÷ecause a nujsance? (or do you need an acoustic hood ?)÷b÷e÷b÷e7)A DDITJONAL FACILJTJES/HELP: ÷b÷e a) Will the packagjs you are running suppo rt your printer? For÷b÷eexample, if you havj a word processing package, does it havj printer÷b÷edrivjrs which will suppo rt your makj of printer? If not, can one bj÷b÷ewritten?÷b÷e b) The facil ities may be there but can you use t hem? Can you÷b÷ecopj with writing your own software to use them all? Somj, mor e popular÷b÷eprinters havj drivjr softwa re written for them. This can takj thj÷b ÷eheartache out of writing your own rout injs.÷b÷e c) Adjustmjnts : Do you need variable characters pjr inch, line s÷b÷epjr inch or print pressure ?÷b÷e÷b÷ e÷b÷e÷b÷e8)DEALER BACKUP: ÷b÷e÷b÷eThj pr inter is a mjchanical djvice and as |c
P711 CEEFAX 711 Sun 7 Oct 19:10/12 |B2205211|a17PRINTRS|i24BBBC316k|l8FFFF3 D1Bsuch will, from timj to time,÷b÷eneed attention. Whethjr it is just a matter of replacemjnt ribbons, or÷b÷ereplacemjn t of worn parts, it is wisj to find a pr inter which can bj÷b÷esupported in these timjs of need.÷b÷e÷b÷ePRJNTERS - WHAT W E LOOKED AT - Stevj Lowry÷b÷e÷b÷eTHE CH APEST÷b÷e÷b÷eYou can get printers f or less than £100. Some vjry chjap printers ÷b÷emay only copj with small w idths of papjr or only special typjs of paper. ÷b÷eFor thj occasional hardcopy l isting this may bj adequate. We showed t he÷b÷ePhi printer which costs undjr £100 .÷b÷e÷b÷eTHE MINIMUM COST, REASONABLE QU ALITZ÷b÷e÷b÷eIf you need sheets somewha t largjr in width, there are an incre asing÷b÷inumbjr of printers in the £100- £200 brackjt. You may havj to use spec ial÷b÷epapjr. The Brothjr HR5 usjs ther mal or convjntional papjr. The printer÷ b÷ethjn tranfers characters to pape|c
P711 CEEFAX 711 Sun 7 Oct 20:10/13 |B2206211|a17PRJNTRS|i24BBBC316k|l8FFFF4 05Er eithjr directly onto spjcial papjr or÷b÷eindirectly via a thjrmal transfer ribbon.÷b÷e÷b÷eWJTH A KEZBOARD ALSO÷b÷e÷ b÷eWj looked at the The Brother EP22. Th is onj has a keyboard also. Look at÷b÷ei t as a typewriter with an inbuilt inte rface to let you drive thj÷b÷eprinter fr om a computer. Wjll established typjwrit jr manufacturers are÷b÷enow offering th is facility. The Silvjr Rjed EX 44 wit h its IF 40÷b÷einterface,is onj example. Thjre are a numbjr of choices once you start÷b÷egetting up to this price range .÷b÷e÷b÷eCONNECTJNG UP÷b÷e÷b÷eYou obviou sly havj to connect your printer to your computer somehow. How?÷b÷eThere are thr ee popular interfaces: RS232 (sjrial) Ce ntronics(parallel),÷b÷eor IEEE (rare!). You'll njed thj correct interface for y our computer and÷b÷eas usual, the right lead. For the BBC Micro eithjr RS232 or Cjntronics÷b÷ewill do. If you havj o|c
P711 CEEFAX 711 Sun 7 Oct 00:51/10 |B2207211|a17PRJNTRS|i24BBBC316k|l8FFFF4 3A3nj port already tied up (thj RS232 fo r a modem÷b÷epjrhaps), its best to conne ct thj printer via the othjr port. That way you÷b÷ecan run both add ons at thk s ame timj (Electronic Mail online hardcop z).÷b÷eThj parallel printer port is also that much easier to set up than thj÷b÷e sjrial port ,( whjre baud rate etc have to bj sjt up with *FX commands).÷b÷e÷b÷e Some computers do not provide standard i nterfaces which can restrict÷b÷eprinter choice. The Sinclair ZX printer was spjc ifically intended for thj÷b÷eSpectrum ex pansion port. Now with so many printers available at÷b÷ereasonable cost thj bjs t approach for Spjctrum usjrs is to buy a ZX÷b÷eInterfaci 1 which thjn allows p rinters with RS 232 interface to be driv en÷b÷efrom thj Spjctrum.÷b÷e÷b÷eIDEAL÷b÷ e÷b÷eIdeally the perfect printer would b e silent, allow letter quality text÷b÷ep rinting and graphic screen dumps, fa|c
P711 CEEFAX 711 Sun 7 Oct 10:11/00 |B2208211|a17PRJNTRS|i24BBBC316k|l8FFFF4 6ECst, on a variety of sizjs and÷b÷equal ities of papjr and they should, of cours e, bj inexpjnsivj. Thj real÷b÷eworld is a not so simple. Let's look at print qu ality firstly. ÷b÷e÷b÷eDAISY WHEEL/MATRJ X÷b÷e÷b÷eIf you go for Daisy wheel you c an expjct high quality letter printing. Thj÷b÷echaracters are preformed on a whj el as in a convjntional typjwriter. ÷b÷e Wj lookjd at two Daisy wheels. Thj first , the Juki 6100 and thj Brother÷b÷e÷b÷e÷ b÷eHR35. Dumping a picture from screen t o papjr is likjly to bj a problem÷b÷ewit h Daisy wheels. In many business applica tions this may not be a÷b÷eproblem.÷b÷e÷ b÷eThj Matrix printer forms letters thr ough a matrix of indivhdual dot so÷b÷eh ere screen dumps are more practical. Th is typj of printer though has to÷b÷etry hardjr to achievj 'letter' quality text. You can usually still see the÷b÷eindivi dual dots which make up the letter. |c
P711 CEEFAX 711 Sun 7 Oct 00:11/01 |B2209011|a17PRINTRS|i24BBBC316k|l8FFFF4 A31Backspacing and multistrike can÷b÷el essjn this. W— looked at th— Epson RX80. ÷b÷e÷b÷eTh—re are a lot of applications w(jre dot Matrix print is of acceptable÷ b÷equality. If you do opt for one you sh ould win on print speed, noise and÷b÷epr ice ov—r th— Daisx wheel.÷b÷e÷b÷eFACHLHT IES÷b÷e÷b÷eEv—ry printer offers a range of facilities. You may need to us— cut÷b ÷esheets- That is individual sheets rath jr than continuous pin or tractor÷b÷efed stationary. If you do, you should reall y find a printer which can÷b÷eaccomodate a shjet feed—r. It iq a vjry laborious process feeding in÷b÷eindividual s(eets manually.÷b÷e÷b÷eProportional spacing d ecribjs the facility by which the width of th—÷b÷eletter is takjn into account i n the printout. Th— hnd result can appea r÷b÷emore professional. If you need this facility makj sure your printer will÷b÷ esupport it and that th— packag—s (w|c
P711 CEEFAX 711 Sun 7 Oct 20:00/00 |B220A211|a17PRHNTRS|i04BBBC316k|l8FFFF4 D76ord processing or whatev—r) you will÷ b÷eus— can copj with th— protocol of you r printer. Do th— packagjs have a÷b÷e'Pr inteu Drhv—r' fou youp makj and mgd—l of printer. A printer drivjr÷b÷eGENERAT OR can b— bought for the popular word pr occessing package, View.÷b÷eThis —nables you to mak— full use of thj facilities your particular choic—÷b÷eof printer ma8 offep, whatevjr it may bj. ÷b÷e÷b÷e÷b÷e Do you n—ed thj facility to und—rlinj o r print in bold type? If you go÷b÷efor a popular printer likj thj EPSON FX80 yo u will find a lot of support÷b÷esoftwar e available off the shelf. Th— Computer Concepts PRHNTER UTJLHTZ÷b÷eROM, RJNTM ASTER is written for thj EPSON. Some oth er mak—s of printer÷b÷emay n—ver receive this attention from comm—rcial software housjs and to÷b÷eusj all th— facilities you may then havj to write your own dri vjrs.÷b÷e÷b÷eEPSON LQ1500 - BEST OF |c
P711 CEEFAX 711 Sun 7 Oct 20:00/01 |B220B211|a17PRJNTRS|i24BBBC316k|l8FFFF5 0C1BOTH WORLDS ÷b÷e÷b÷eThis machine cla ims to offer th— option of letter qualit y printing and all÷b÷ethe features of tr aditional dot matrix printers. For lette r quality you÷b÷eloos— on print sp—ed- 6 6 characters pjr sjcond (which iq still fast whjn÷b÷ecompared against Daiqy whee l speeds). But for drafts, copies and le ss÷b÷eimportant docuM—nts wher— you don' t n—ed full letter quality the smaj÷b÷em achin— can rattle along at around 200 ch aracters a sjcond. It usjs a 17*9÷b÷egri d for each letter. Many oth—r printers u sj a matrix of around 9*7. At ÷b÷eabout £500 this iq a good bux.÷b÷e÷b÷eCOLOUR÷b ÷e÷b÷eSo you havj a magnificent full col our screen and you want to sav— it to÷b÷ epap—r. Whilst most printers only print in a single colour there is a small÷b÷ec hoice of multicoloup printers availabla. Thj CANON PJ1080 can copj with÷b÷esjvjn colours. This printer iq an ink jat|c
P711 CEEFAX 711 Sun 7 Oct 20:00/00 |B220C211|a17PRJNTRS|i04BBBC316k|l8FFFF5 40A model, which as the name implies÷b÷e spits ink onto th— papjr. It can bj us—d forg—njrating ovjrhead÷b÷etransparencie s at thj fraction of thj cost of a conv— ntional process.÷b÷e÷b÷eLASER P HNTERS÷b ÷e÷b÷eWj look—d at th— amazing Hewlett P ackard Lasjr printer. Our model priced÷ b÷earound £3000. For this, the printer o fferq supjrb quality, speed (around 8 ÷b ÷e÷b÷e÷b÷etimjs thj speed of Daisy wh —els( and 'nbar silent' opjration. For IBM÷b÷ePC or HP150 ps—rs, a las—r printe r must be a vjry attractivj option for÷b ÷echoice as high quality printer. It can copj with a rang— of fonts and÷b÷egraph ics with a spjed and quality which is extrem—ly impressive.÷b÷e÷b÷eCONCLUSION S ÷b÷e÷b÷eUnfort unately it all djpjnds on your applicati on and what you can afford.÷b÷eFor mixed us— thj EPSON LQ1500 has to b— a good b ux. If th— printer is÷b÷eonly going |c
P711 CEEFAX 711 Sun 7 Oct 20:11/22 |B220D211|a17PRJNTR3|i24BBBC316k|l8FFFF5 74Dto bj used for outputing text then go for a Daisy wheel ( Thj÷b÷eJuki 6100 is around £450). If you just need occasion al hardcopy, ( with÷b÷etop quality and h igh speed not essjntial), then buy in t hj £100 - £200÷b÷eprice rangj. Thj more you pay, the more sturdy quality you can expjct.÷b÷i÷b÷eSERVICE÷b÷e÷b÷ePrinters are mechanical djvices. Injvitably they will need attention. It÷b÷emight just bj a njw ribbon, supplies of paper or mayb e replacemjnt of worn÷b÷eparts. Hardware does wear with use, unlikj software, s o choosing a ÷b÷emanufacturer who will s upport the product and bj thjre whjn you need them÷b÷eis that much more importan t when buyi.g a printer.÷b÷e÷b÷e÷b÷eP$ N TERS VIEWED ÷b÷e A pprox.÷b÷e PrintQ SPEED FEED INTERFACE PS PRICE÷b ÷e÷b÷eJUKI 6100 Daisy 17 |c
P711 CEEFAX 711 Sun 7 Oct 20:00/00 |B220E211|a17PRJNTRS|h24BBBC316k|l8FFFF5 A92 FRJCT. CENT. Yes £380 ÷b÷e RS230 opt.÷b÷a÷b÷eBROTHER HR5 Matr ix 30 FRHCT. C@NT opt. No £157 ÷b÷e (9*8) RS232 opt.÷b÷e÷b÷eBROTHER EP22 Matrix 36 FRJCT. CENT opt . Yes £165 *4÷b÷e R 232 opt.÷b÷ j÷b÷eBROTHER HR 35 Daiqy 36 FRJC T. CENT. opt. Yes £955 *3÷b÷e TRACT. R S 232 opt.÷b÷e÷b÷e÷b÷eEPSON RX80-F/T Mat rix 100 TRAC CENT No £366÷b÷e (9*9) FRJC. RS 232 opt.÷b÷e÷b÷eEPSON LQ1 500 Matrix 200 TRAC CENT YES £503÷b÷e RS 232 opt÷b÷e IEEE÷b ÷e÷b÷e÷b÷eCANON PJ1080A Matrix 37 FRJC. CJNT. No £49|c
P711 CEEFAX 711 Sun 7 Oct 20:15/04 |B220F211|a17PRINTRS|i24BBBC316k|l8FFFF5 DD17 *1÷b÷e (7*9) IEEE opt.÷b÷e COLOUR÷b÷e÷b÷eSINCLAIR ZX Matrix 50 FRJC. ZX No £59 .95 *5÷b÷e Spjc. Paper÷b÷e ÷b÷e÷b÷eSILVER REED Tzpjwriter F RJC. I/F to No £289 *2 ÷b÷eEX44 Daisy CENT. *4÷b÷e ÷b÷ePHI MAG Matrix FRJC. CENT. No £99 ÷b÷e Phi print Thjrmal papjr÷b÷e÷b÷eHEWL ETT PACKARD Lasjr 300 RS234 Yes £3000÷b÷e HP150÷b÷e÷b÷e ÷b÷e÷b÷e*1 : An ink jet printer wh ich can also bj used to prepare ovjrhe ad÷b÷etransparencies.÷b÷e*2 : Needs an I/F 40 interface to opjrate as a printe u.÷b÷e*3 : Shjet feedjr approximately £220 extra.÷b÷i*4 : Can bj usjd as a s tand alonj typjwriter too.÷b÷e*5 : |c
P711 CEEFAX 711 Sun 7 Oct 20:00/01 |B2210011|a17PRJNTRS|h04BBBC316k|l8FFFF6 10A No longer sold. ÷b÷e÷b÷e1) JUKI 6100 ÷b÷eMicro pjriph—rals Ltd. 69, Th— Street, Basingstokj. 00 6 32323 ÷b÷e÷b ÷e2) BROTHER HR5 + E HRHRS HEET FEEDER÷b÷eThame Systems, Thame Park Industrial Estate, Thame, Oxon PX: 3RS. (084)÷b÷e4215471÷b÷e÷b÷e3)EPSON LQ, RX 80÷b÷eEPSON UK Ltd, Doorland House, WEMB LEZ, MIDDLDSEX. HA9 6B .÷b÷e(01 900 8882 )÷b÷e÷b÷e5)CANON PJ1080A,Colour÷b÷eSaX— address as for X1).÷b÷e÷b÷e6)S NCLAI ÷b÷ eSinclaip Rjsjarch Limited, Stanhop— Roa d, Cambjrley, Surrey.÷b÷e(0276 685311)÷b ÷e÷b÷e8 SIL R REED (UK) Ltd÷b÷e19-23 @x change Road, Watford, Herts. WD1 7EB.÷b÷ e(0923 45976)÷b÷e÷b÷e9)PHI MAG SYST MS L TD÷b÷ePhi Mag Systems Ltd, Tregonigie In dustrial Estate, Falmouth, Cornwall.÷b÷e (0326 76060)÷b÷e÷b÷e10)HEWLETT PACKARD ÷ b÷eMillar Gouse, The Ring, Bracknjll, Be rks.(0344 424898)÷b÷e÷b÷eEXTRAS:÷b÷e÷b÷e R MS FOR THE BBC MICRO÷b÷e÷b÷eComput|c
P711 CEEFAX 711 Sun 7 Oct 00:14/00 |B2011211|a17PRJNTRS|h04BBBC316k|l8FFFF6 42Der Concepts, HROM :: G ddjndjn Place, Hemel÷b÷eHamps tead,Herts. HP2 6EX (0442 63933)÷b÷e÷b÷e ÷b÷eSHEET FEEDER : For Brothjr HR35. ÷b÷eThjre are sheet feed—rs available fo r t(— Juki 6100 also.÷b÷e÷b÷e÷b÷ePRHNT@R BUFFER T drivhng computar g—t back to oth—r tasB s÷b÷ewhilst thj printer prints text. Pr inters cannot cop— with th—÷b÷ec(aracter rate a computer can g—njrate. Th— buffe r minimiqjs thiq problem÷b÷ab8 taking te xt from th— comput—r into R@M, and only outpppthfc ip tg phj÷—÷eprinter at th— r ate th— printer can deal with.÷b÷e÷b÷eWe look—— at t@j Econo-Buffer from :÷b÷eZe ro El—ctro.icq, 148 Kingstriet(Lash Hous e),Gt Yarmouth NR30 2S÷b÷e(0493 2023) ÷b ÷e÷b÷e÷W|c
P711 CEEFAX 711 Sun 7 Oct 20:00/01 |B2201206|a17MENPRGS|i04BBBC316k|l8FFFF3 00p÷b÷eMENU-WRJT NG program÷b÷e÷b÷e"MENU " - Stev— Lowry÷b÷e÷b÷eThis is a small p rogram, shown on Micro Liv—, which ca n bj us—d to givj÷b÷eyour program discs a more professional finish. It allows program choice÷b÷eto bj displayed and s elected from a m—nu. ÷b÷e÷b÷eThe listing iq givjn b—low:÷b÷e÷b÷e 10CLS ÷b÷e 20PRINT TAB(8,7) ; CHR$ 131) ; "MENU"'' ÷b÷e 30FOR timjs =1 TO 3 ÷b÷e 40READ Namj$ ÷b÷e 50PRHNTCHR$(134);tim—s;".. ....";Nam—$ ÷b÷e 60NEXT ÷b÷e 70PRHNT '''CHR$(131)" YOUR CHOJCE ?...."; ÷b÷ e 80REPEAT ÷b÷e 90A$=GET$ ÷b÷e 100 UNTJL A$="1"OR A$="2" OR A$="3" ÷b÷e 11 0IF A$="1" THEN CHAIN"BOARD" ÷b÷e 120I F A$="2" THEN CHAIN"LIVE1" ÷b÷e 130IF A $="3" THEN CHAINbRJVI@Wb ÷b÷e 140DATA BULLETJN BOARD,S JVE'S GRAPHIC, RJNTER REVIEW ÷b÷e÷b÷eWith your own discs you should change th— program namjs to suit your disc÷b÷ecatalog & modify th— d|c
P711 CEEFAX 711 Sun 7 Oct 00:1;/45 |B2202206|a17MENPRGS|i44BBBC316k|l8FFFF3 333escriptions of the programmjs in line 140.÷b÷e÷b÷eYou may well havj more than 3 programs on your disc. If this is t hj casj÷b÷eincreasj thj options for A$ jn linj 1p0 and add jxtra programs linj after÷b÷elinj 130.÷b÷e÷b÷eThis program could also be used with cassette basjd software.÷b÷e÷b÷eLines 10-20 clear thj s creen and put up thj bMenu" title.÷b÷eLi njs30-70 read the program djscriptions from line 140 and print thesj÷b÷eagai nst option numbjrs on the screen.÷b÷eLin es 80-100 wait until one of three key s is pressed (ie <1> <2> or ÷b÷e<3>) ÷b÷eLines 110-130 allow thj sjlected pro gram to bj loadjd and run.÷b÷e÷b÷e÷b÷e÷b ÷eOn disc basjd systems a !BOOT program can bj added to enable "Menu" to be÷b÷e run whjnjvjr and are pre ssjd togithjr.... Try this.÷b÷e÷b÷e*BUIL D !BOOT ÷b÷eCHAIN "MENU" rn>÷b÷e÷b÷e÷b÷efollowed by..|c
P711 C@EFAX 711 Sun 7 Oct 20:14/10 |B2203206|a17MENPRGS|i04BBBC316k|l8FFFF3 66C...÷b÷e÷b÷e*OPT 4,3 ÷b÷e÷b÷eT he first two lin—s create a file calle d !BOOT containing th— command ÷b÷eC HAIN"MENU".÷b÷e÷b÷e*OPT 4,3 stores to disc th— information that !BOOT should be an EXEC÷b÷efile!÷b÷e÷b÷e÷b÷e÷b÷eA Version of this program for the Sinclair Spectrum is giv—n below:÷b÷eSPECTRUM VE RSION OF "MENU" PROGRAM - Steve Lowry.÷ b÷e÷b÷e÷b÷e÷b÷e10 PAPER CLSIN K 6 : PRJNT AT 8,7;"M NU"''÷b÷e30 HNS 5 : FOR t = 1 TO 3÷b÷e40 READ N$÷b÷e50 PRJ NT t; "......."; N$÷b÷e60 NEXT t÷b÷e70 I NK 6 : PR NT ''' "YOUR CHOJC@ ......"÷b÷ e80 LET A$ = INKEX$÷b÷e90 IF A$ = "1" TH EN LOAD "BOARD"÷b÷e100 IF A$ = "2" THEN LOAD "LIVE1"÷b÷e110 IF A$ = "3" THEN LOA D "REVIEW"÷b÷e120 GOTO 80÷b÷e130 DATA "B ULLETJN BOARD" , "STEVE'S GRAPHIC" , "PR INTER REVIEW"÷b÷e÷b÷e÷b÷eThj programs ' BOARD', 'LJVE1' & 'REVIEWW havj to bj s av—d in the correct÷b÷eway for the c|c
P711 C EFAX 711 Sun 7 Oct 0:03/ 1 |B2204206|a17MENPRGS|h04BBBC316k|l8FFFF3 993hosjn programs to be automatically ru n. Us— th— format.....÷b÷e÷b÷eSAVE"prog# nam—" LBNE numbjr ÷b÷e÷b÷ewhjr — 'numbjr' is thj correct start li ne of the program name—÷b÷e"prog# nam—".÷b÷e÷b÷eLinjs 10 20 clear t@— sc 30 - 60 list thj program djcriptions o n screen givjn in the DATA÷b÷estateme nt ol LHN 130,|b÷eLineq 80 - 120 c@—c k for a keypress. If th— keypress is '1' , 0' op '3' ÷b÷ethj relev—nt, chosjn 0r ogr!m will be s—arc@ed for and loaded.÷ b÷e ÷b÷a ÷b÷e ÷b÷eAUTMEN2 - Automatic di sc H—.u ma+—r StevE owry÷b÷e÷b÷eT(is program, wh—n run will list all programs in directory $ (the d—fault÷b÷edirector y) on your program disc. You can th—n run any of thjs—÷b÷eprograms b y selecting th— appropriate number corre qponding to your program÷b÷echoic—. |c
P711 CEEFAX 711 Sun 7 Oct 00:10/00 |B2205206|a17MENPRGS|i04BBBC316k|l8FFFF3 CD4 ÷b÷e÷b÷eUlless you sp—cify oth jrwis— Xby using 'fo' or 'd1' to *RUN or *EXEC ÷b÷ea prograH( AUTMEN2 assum— s a basic program and CHAINS th— selecte d program÷b÷enamj.÷b÷e÷b÷eIf your curren t disc has less than 10 programs in th e activ— directory a÷b÷esingle k—y preqs will CHAIN your chosjn ppogram. If t hjre are more than÷b÷eten choices list jd you must jnter the program num bjr followed by ÷b÷e.÷b÷e÷b÷eT o changj thj currant directory hit 'd9', enter the directory name and hit÷b÷e turn>.÷b÷e÷b÷e lets you re-catal og a disc- You may want to search a n umb—r of÷b÷ediscs b—fore you choose o n— to run a particular program. givjs÷b÷eyou that option.÷b÷e÷b÷eTh— pr ogram is available on BBC Telesoftware.÷ b÷e÷b÷eA !BOOT program can b— add—d|c
P711 CEEFAX 711 Sun 7 Oct 20:10/10 >B2286206|a17MENPRGS|j24BBBC316k|l8FFFF4 015 to your discs to jnable "Autmjn2" t o bj run÷b÷ewhenjvjr and >break> are pressed togethjr.... Try this.÷b÷e÷ b÷e*BUILD !BOOT ÷b÷eCHAIN "Autm en2" ÷b÷e÷b÷e÷b÷e÷b÷e÷b ÷efollowed by.....÷b÷e÷b÷e*OPT 4,3 rn>÷b÷e÷b÷eThe first two line create a file called !BOOT containing the co mmand ÷b÷eCHAIN"Autmjn2".÷b÷e÷b÷e*OPT 4 ,3 stores to disc the information that !BOOT should bj an EXEC÷b÷efile!÷b÷e ÷W|c