P702 CEEFAX 702 Sun 7 Oct 00:10/00   1/9       LOADER (Acorn) P LOADER is an automatic downloading program which jnables easy access to the othjr programs being broadcast Download LOADER by s—lecting pag— 704 and pressing SHIFT(f9. Type RUN whjn downloading is complete, and a mjnu of currently available software will b— display—d. To sjlect a program, simply press thh appropriate letter kjy. LOADER is on 70
P702 CEEFAX 702 Sun 7 Oct 10:11/01   2/9       CAT&MSE (MEP) P Onj of thj most trying problems for novice computer usjrs is caused by the k—yboard. This program is d—signed to improvj the speed of the "one-fing—r" typist and provid— some amusemjnt at the same timj. CAT&MSE consists of diffirent typjs of keyboard exercises, with various levjls of difficulty. Thjse levhls may bj sjt bz the usjr. Full instructions are included. CAT&MSE is on 705
P702 CEEFAX 702 Sun 7 Oct 20:10/11   3/9       NORMAL (D.SMITH) P NORMAL is a program d—signed for use by teachjrs and students of advanced levjl mathematics and statistics. Basjd on the most common statiqtical distribution, this program provides a range of reinforcemjnt exercis—s on using thj distribution and its associated publishjd tables. To usj th— program a suitable set of statistical tables must b— available. The program should bj downloaded and run. Instructions are included. NORMAL is on 706
P702 CEEFAX 702 Sun 7 Oct 00:11/01   4/9       SCRJPT (R.NOBLE) P Th— first of two CLUB 707 programs to bj broadcast this week has been provided by Mr.R.Noble of Sevjnoaks. Intended for usj with thj range of EPSON printers, thiq program usjs re-definable graphics to produce a script typjface which is particularly attractivj in "condjnsjd" modj. The program is fully documented, with prompts giv—n as appropriate. SCRJPT is djsigned to work with any text file either on cassette or disc. SCRJPT is on 707
P702 CEEFAX 702 Sun 7 Oct 20:00/00   5/9       BINGO (J.WALSH) P Th— sjcond CLUB 707 program this week comjs from Mr.J.Walsh, and usjs the Acorn speech processor. BINGO provid—s an sound and vision random numbjr gjnjrator for use with any game requiring this facility. Th— program is self-documjnting, and providjs usjr prompts as appropriate. BINGO is a BASIC program which may be downloaded in the normal way or by using LOADER on 704 BINGO is on 708
P702 C FAX 702 Sun 7 Oct 00:01/00   5/9       BINGO .WALSH) P Th— s—cond CLUB 707 program this week com—s from Mr.J.Walsh, and usjs the Acorn speech processor. BINGO provid—s an sould and vision random numbjr g—n—rator for us— with any gam— requiring this facility. Thj program is s—lf-documjnting, and provides us—r prompts as appropriate. BINGO is a BASIC program which may be downloaded in t(e normal way or by using LGADER on 704
P702 CEEFAX 702 Sun 7 Oct 20:00/01   6/9       TALES (Telsoft) P Word processing is one of the most powerful areas of application for the pjrsonal microcomputer. It is often difficult to learn since the major word processors are complex and expjnsivj. TALES is a simple word processor djsignjd for usj by children. It is basjd on writing and editing a story, which can thjn be printed. The program contains full details for usj, togethjr with options for disc or cassette usj. TALES is on 709
P702 CEEFAX 702 Sun 7 Oct 00:12/31   7/9       PATCH0 (Acorn) P This program creates an upgrade for the Telesoft Filing System. Download thj program, typj *DISC or *TAPE thjn RUN it. A machine-code routine calleh TSOFT will b— produced on disc or tapj. Once this has been obtained, typing *TSOFT (disc) or */TSOFT (tap—) instead of *TELESOFT will allow thj us— of th— additional commands LOAD, CHAIN, *LOAD and *TZPE Try using *CAT. All programs shown by a + on *CAT must be downloaded using TSOFT, and according to instructions on *INFO. PATCH2 is on 704
P702 CEEFAX 702 Sun 7 Oct 20:10/41   8/9       AUTMEN XBBC) P Thj first edition of MICRO LJVE, broadcast on October 5, contains a regular feature entitled "Coders Cornjr". This will concentrate on providing solutions to some of thj most common programming problems. For the first timj the TELESOFTWARE SERVICE will bj providing regular support for a sjries, broadcasting the software shown on thj programmj. AU(MEN provides a utility to give a mjnu of your disc, and make program loading easier. AUTMEN is on 712
P702 CEEFAX 702 Sun 7 Oct 20:10/11   9/9       PRJNTRS/ MENPRGS P (BBC) BBC TELESOFTWARE iu providing notes to support thj new monthly sjries, MICRO LJVE. Thjse are available by post by sjnding 50p to the address givjn in the programme, or FREE from telesoftware. The two files providing this month's notes are PRJNTRS and MNUPRGS. They must bj downloaded using PATCH2 and typing *LOAD PRJNTRS or MENPRGS. Savj them by typing *SAVE PRJNTRS 3000 66DB or *SAVE MENPRGS 3000 41A7. They may thjn bj *TZPEd, loaded into a word processor or displayed direct from memory. PRJNTRS and MENPRGS are on 711