P1f7 CEEFAX 137 Sun 70Oct 89:55/36   3/s     W 5 - CRADLEZ IN COMMAND  Cradley Heath took a ten-point lead after the first leg of thj Ljague Cup final against Belle Vuj at Dudley Wood. League leaders Belle Vuj leh 17J13 aftir hjat fivj but Eric Gundjrsjn, Phil Collins and Lance King took ovjr to put t(e Heathjns in a coZZandUng position. Collins top-ucorjd with 12 points, Gundjrsjn weighed in with 11 and King with 10, including three heat wins.@ Cradley Heath finished on a high note with two@5[1 victorUUs@jn tPe last two hjats. @ More