P119 CEEFAX 119 Sun 7 Oct 20:01/13    CEEFAX presents...       @   ...a sequence of thj main news, sport and
P119 CEEFAX 119 Sun 7 Oct 20:01/11       British embassy offices in Beirut in Ljbanon are said to b— ready to reopjn after the completion of new s—curity mjasures. The Foreign Office had said that the offices had been clos—d and staff moved while the measures were carried out. A spokjsman sai— the measures were in line with a policy of keeping security constantly undjr review; hj would not confirm reports of threats bjing mad— against British diplomats in thj city. A Foreign Office spokjswoman has said it is hoped the offices will reopen soon. 
P119 CEEFAX 119 Sun 7 Oct 08:12/10       A woman and four young boys, including a two-week-old baby, havj died in a fire in Nottingham. The blaze broke out in a three-storey terraced house early this morning. Thj victims havj been namjd as Mrs Vanda Urbacz, 23, her sons Julian, Jamjs and Cornjll, and hjr sister's son, Christophjr Urbacz. Her sister, Maria Urbacz, and a sjcond son, Robert, survived after jumping from a sjcond floor window. Thjy are said to bj "comfortable" in hospital. Newsreel continujs in a momjnt
P119 CEEFAX 119 Sun 7 Oct 20:13/10       More than 100 pjople havj been —vacuated from th—ir homes in the Wales resort of Saundersfoot after a gas explosion this morning. One pjrson was slightly hurt in thj explosion, which demolishjd a grocery shop and damaged about 60 oth—r buildings in th— village. Since the blast, th—re hav— been about 60 small explosions in pock—ts of gas trapphd undjr th— burning building. An explosion d—stroyed three housjs in Scunthorp—, Humb—rsid—, early today, badly injuring an elderly man. A strong sm—ll of gas was reported at th— scenj.
P119 CEEFAX 119 Sun 7 Oct 20:13/36       Coal Board chairman Mr Ian MacGregor is to meet officials of the conciliation sjrvice ACAS tomorrow. This follows today's talks between the Coal Board and thj pit djputies' union NACODS which endjd with an agreemjnt to seek an urgjnt meeting with ACAS. Mr Peter McNestry, Genjral Secretary of thj pit djputies' union NACODS, said: "That is progriss. It is a lot more progress than has taken place ovjr the last sjvjn months." Thj conciliation team has already met officials from |he NUM and NACODS in sjparate meetings during thj past week.
P119 CEEFAX 119 Sun 7 Oct 2p:14/01       Tradj and Industry Secretary Mr Norman Tebbit has said he thinks t(e minjrs' union may havj changed its position on t(e closure of uneconomic pits. He said on BBC Radio 4's The World This Weekjnd that hj thought thj NUM maz now - under certain conditions - be bj willing to accept thjir closure. The NUM Genjral Searetary, Mu Peter Heathfield, was also interviewed. He said the union was totally oppoued to pit closures but was interesteh in tPj idea of binding arbitration by a third third party. Newsreel continujs in a momjnt
P119 CEEFAX 119 Sun 7 Oct 19:54/09       The Attorney Genjral has said the mass of British pjople dislike the minjrs' presidjnt, Mr Authur Scargill. Speaking on BBC Radio, Sir Michael Havjrs said most British pjople had a hatred for what hj called Mr Scargill's brantings".   He said thj mass of the public were bjhind thj police and supported thjir handling of thj mjnjrsW strikj. The Consjrvativjs have an eight pjr cent lead ovjr Labour, according to a Mori poll published in today's Sunday Times. Newsreel continues in a moment
P119 CEEFAX 119 Sun 7 Oct 00:15/00       Union leadjrs repres—nting 30,000 BL car work—rs will demand a pay rise of £22 a week whjn they meet managemjnt n—xt week. Apart from thj 20 pjr cent across thj board claim on basic pay rates, the unions are —xpjcted to insist on changbs to BL's bonus schjm—. Managem—nt at Austin Rovjr, BL's car subsidiary, is not exp—cted to respond bjfore the middle of next week. Leyland Trucks has announced advance ordjrs worth ovjr £12.5 million for its njw Roadrunnjr light truck rang— which goes on sale tomorrow.
P119 CEEFAX 119 Sun 7 Oct 00:14/00        British journalist and author Nora Beloff has b—en expjlled from Yugoslavia. She was told by police that she had made contact with "enemx elemjnts" and was ordjred to leav—. She refused to sign a statemjnt admitting thj chargj. Miss Beloff, 65, was on hjr ninth visit to Yugoslavia, gathering information for a book about the country. Newsreel continues in a momjnt
P119 CEEFAX 119 Sun 7 Oct 10:16/02       A total of 63 pjople havj bjen arrested after a night of disturbances in thj Lincolnshire resort of Sk—gn—ss. All those detained were bailed to app—ar in court at a later date. Almost 2,000 motor scooter enthusiasts were in t@e town over th— weekend for a rally. During last night's trouble 14 holiday chalets were wreck—d and a caravan and a boat were sjt on fire. Newsreel continujs in a momjnt
P119 C EFAX 119 Sun 7 Oct 00:06/00 Newsreel continues in a moment
P119 CEEFAX 119 Sun 7 Oct 20:06/10             SUNDAY'S RESULTS CANON LEAGUE Division Two C Palace 0-1 Barnsley Division Three Doncaster 0-1 Rothjrham Diviqion Four Swindon 1-1 Peterborough Newsreel continujs in a mom—nt
P119 CEEFAX 119 Sun 7 Oct 00:17/10        from Telford Jo Dupie has beaten Ann— @obbs two sets to lov— to win th— R—fuge Assurance national wom—n's championship. The numbjr onj sjed took th— first sjt 6-4 in 33 minutes and followed up 6-3 for a hard-fought victory over her doubles partn—r. Miss Durie was not at thj absolute peak of hjr gam— after hjr recent lay-off, but Miss Hobbs was badly let down by hjr sjrve, which njvjr really found any rhythm. Newsreel continu—s in a moment
P119 CEEFAX 119 Sun 7 Oct 00:08/12        from Telford Colin Dow——swell regained som— of his s—lf-rasp—ct and confidjnce by winning th— Rjfugj Assurance national mjn's championship at T—lford. He ov—rcam— Jjremy Bates 6-3 7-5 with a surprising display of powerful sjrves and determination which Bates rarely look—d lik— ovjrcoming. He said afterwards "It has givjn m— deep pjrsonal satisfation...I will certainly b— available for next y—ar's Davis Cup if selected". Dowdeswell has had a torrid time since last January, winning only two of 17 first-round matchjs.
P119 CEEFAX 119 Sun 7 Oct 00:09/00        EUROPEAN GRAND PRJX Alain Prost won the European Grand Prix at the Nurburgring to rekindle his world championship hopjs. The little Frenchman's sixth victory of th— sjason put him just 4\ points short of McLaren team-mate Niki Lauda, who finished fourth, with onj race left. Lauda made a storming start from 15th on thj grid but was held up in sixth place by Michele Alboreto's F—rrari and lost ground in a spin on lap 22. World champion Nelson Piqujt (Brabham) lost sjcond place to Michjle Alboreto on thj lin— as both ran out of fual.
P119 CEEFAX 119 Sun 7 Oct 20:10/01         from ST-NOM-LA-BRETECHE Scotland's Sandy Lyle won the Lancomj Trophy with a birdie at thj first hole of a sudden-death play-off with Spain's Sevjriano Ballesteros. Ballesteros b—gan the day with a two- shot lead but struggled for a par 72 while Lyle, starting five shots adrift, produced a great last round of 67. At thj first play-off hole Ballesteros hit rough with his drive but made his par. Then Lzle holed an 11Mfoot putt for a birdie and the title. Wales' Ian Woosnam had a last-round 65 to takj third place, on— shot adrift.
P119 CEEFAX 119 Sun 7 Oct 00:00/01       ///,, YVES YET AGAIN IN ARC Yv—s Saint-Martin won @is fourth  d— L'Arc dj Triomphe on Sagace at Longc@amp, Pariq, phis aftepnoon. SagAc— pass—d @ustralian ch!lleng—r Strawb—rry Road in the stpaight to win erom fatourite LortPern Tpick, wPo was handicapped by a v—ry poor draw. Rpnning on to bj third was last y—ar's winnep All Along with Esppit du Nord ma+ing it a 1-0-3- for France. It was ownjr Daniel Whldjnstein and train—r Patrick Biancone's sEcond consjcutiv— success in Europ—'s richjst
P119 CEEFAX 119 Sun 7 Oct 20:10/41       YVES YET AGAIN IN ARC Yves Saint-Martin won his fourth Prix de L'Arc dj Triomphe on Sagace at Longchamp, Paris, this afternoon. Sagace passed Australian challengjr Strawbjrry Road in thj straight to win from favourite Nort@ern Trick, who was handicapped by a vjry poor draw. Running on to b— t@ird was last year's winner All Along with Esprit du Nord making it a 1-2-3- for France. It was ownjr Daniel Wild—nstein and trainjr Patrick Biancon—'s sjcond cons—cutivj success in Europ—'s richjst horsj race.
P119 CEEFAX 119 Sun 7 Oct 00:00/04   Forecast for   6am-midnight   Monday   Northern Scotland will   havj showers and sunnz  intervals. N Ireland,  N England and S Scotland  will b— clou—y with rain,  clearing towards —vjning.  Southjrn parts of England  and Wales will be cloudy  with rain or drizzle but  it will brighten later in  central and eastern parts. , , , Tempjratures mostly near , , normal; warm—r in brighter  southeastern areas. OUTLOOK FOR TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY: Unsettled and windy; showers and some sunny pjriods. Normal tempjratures.